The append command allows programs to open data files in specified directories as if they were in the current directory. If used without parameters, append displays the appended directory list.




This command not supported in Windows 10.




append [[<drive>:]<path>[;...]] [/x[:on|:off]] [/path:[:on|:off] [/e]
append ;



Append parameters







Specifies a drive and directory to append.



Applies appended directories to file searches and launching applications.



Applies appended directories only to requests to open files. The /x:off option is the default setting.



Applies appended directories to file requests that already specify a path. /path:on is the default setting.



Turns off the effect of /path:on.



Stores a copy of the appended directory list in an environment variable named APPEND. /e may be used only the first time you use append after starting your system.



Clears the appended directory list.



Displays help at the command prompt.







To clear the appended directory list, type:




To store a copy of the appended directory to an environment variable named append, type:


append /e



Commmand ftype