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MySQL Architecture

It will greatly aid your thinking about storage engines and the capabilities they bring to MySQL if you have a good mental picture of where they fit. Figure 1 provides a logical view of MySQL. It doesn't necessarily reflect the low-level implementation, which is bound to be more complicated and less clear cut. However, it does serve as a guide that will help you understand how storage engines fit in to MySQL. (The NDB storage engine was added to MySQL just before this book was printed. Watch for it in the second edition.)


MySQL users often wonder how to find out what their server is actually doing at any point in time usually when things start to slow down or behave strangely. You can look at operating system statistics to figure out how busy the server is, but that really doesn't reveal much. Knowing that the CPU is at 100% utilization or that there's a lot of disk I/O occurring provides a high-level picture of what is going on, but MySQL can tell far more.

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition XE for Windows 32-bit platform. Oracle Database 10g Express Edition is the version of the world famous Oracle database manager. It is ideal for those who are beginning to make contact with the world of database giant Oracle and is suitable for the production of small installations, formative themes, etc.